Fifty Years Ago – February One

I take a break from the normal business stuff to reflect on the magnitude of this historical day. 

I am originally from Greensboro, NC.. I wasn’t alive for the sit in when it happened, but I remember “The Counter”.  I remember going into Woolworth’s with my Grandmother on different occasions when I was a little girl.  We  didn’t go too many times, but for some reason, I was always drawn to the area of the store where The Counter stood.  That may not seem odd given the magnitude of the event that happened there,  but I’m sad to say that I was never told.  All the shopping trips that my Grandmother and I made to Woolworth’s, she never once took the opportunity to share that historical moment with me.  Even as we walked past  The Counter time and time again.

I don’t fault her for that.. I know it’s a generational thing. I know what happened that day was just as foreign to her as it is to me but for totally different reasons. But wow.. what a lost opportunity.  How many opportunities do we miss on a daily basis?

I love how far we’ve come with technology, but with all this advancement, are we losing the chance to share stories and memories with our children, grandchildren and other youth?  What may seem insignificant now could very well turn into another historical event 50 years down the road.  The topics may not always be pleasant, but if we as parents don’t explain life as it happens, who will if anyone?

They want you tell them. So, take time to share with your kids… they’ll be grateful to you for doing it.



3 responses to “Fifty Years Ago – February One

  1. THANK YOU for sharing … as you saw from my tweets my mom shared some pretty serious memories on me inspired by today. You captured the feelings I experienced hearing her memories in this post. Grandparents, parents, citizens … we must share our stories for only by sharing are they remembered.

    • It’s an amazing world we live in now compared to then, but we still have a ways to go. However, I think we’re getting closer when my daughters have to ask me what “colored” means.

      I hope we all remember to not only share, but to ask our elders to tell their stories.

  2. well said we should always remember these events in history

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